Organized by “Aula Gestión e Intervención sobre el Patrimonio Cultural de la Arquitectura y de la Industria”. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid / Fundación ACS

20-22 March 2019.
Deadline submission: November 15, 2018

The main objective is to determine and share the state of the art of the study of the industrial heritage linked to its image and the means of propaganda and dissemination.

From the inside of the industry, we can ask, for example, how it was tried to make society known to that image and also, what was the communicative business relationship with the world of work itself. From the outside it will be pertinent to consider how the industry and its assets are perceived by society or what is interested in the same society and, ultimately, what demand, how it interprets it and in what way it benefits it.

Perhaps the first images, or at least one of the most immediate ones to which we can refer, is that of the buildings and industrial facilities themselves, which, as new typologies that have been implanted, have had a profound impact on users and spectators: facilities, their environments and their productive hinterlands and interaction. Naturally, the resources of representation are not exhausted, and many other facets must be considered.

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