Following the purposes of TICCIH-Brasil to promote the dissemination of information and knowledge about industrial heritage, through bi-annual congresses and regional meetings, guided tours, among scientific events (art. XVI), we will present below details about the regional Industrial heritage Meeting in the south and Northeast regions.

The Regional Industrial Heritage Meeting (SOUTH region) will take place from 06 to 08 November 2019 at the University of Extreme South Catarinense (UNESC), in Criciúma – Santa Catarina. The edition of the meeting in the South region will be held by the Cultural Heritage Research group: Stories and Memories and the history course, both from UNESC in partnership with TICCIH – Brazil. The deadline for submission of papers is open until September 15th, to be integrated in several thematic areas. More information on registration, submission of papers, and organization of the journey in the South region can be consulted on the official website of the event.

In the Northeast region, the Regional Industrial Heritage Meeting will be held at the Bahia Federal University (UFBA), in Salvador. It will occur on October 11, 2019, after the 13th seminar DOCOMOMO Brasil 2019. The meeting at UFBA will be held through a roundtable composed by Aline de Carvalho Luther (UFBA); Alcília Afonso de Albuquerque Melo (UFCG); Ceila Cardoso (UFBA); and Maria Helena Ochi Flexor (UCSal).

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