From 04 to 09 November 2019, the 20TH Congress of the Brazilian Archaeology Society-SAB will take place in the city of Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, promoted, held and organized by SAB and has the partnership of UFPel, through the ICH – Instituto de Ciências um and UCPel – Catholic University of Pelotas.

The theme chosen for this edition of the Congress of SAB is “MEMORY, CULTURAL HERITAGE and HUMAN RIGHTS”. It is a comprehensive theme that encompasses various forms of memory, heritage or cultural heritage and human rights in its broader sense. It was conceived from the tragedy of the fire that in September 2018 reached the National Museum in Rio de Janeiro, the official seat of SAB and other scientific associations. The idea is to promote a Congress that is an event in honor, solidarity and support to this important institution so that, together, we can reflect on the role of archaeology in the current national and international Conjuncture and its performance in knowledge and appreciation of cultural heritage.

In Congress the ST11 thematic symposium will take place: Industrial archaeology, Archaeology of Industrialization: An analysis of the contemporaneity of historical archaeology, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Ronaldo André Rodrigues (PUC-Minas Gerais and TICCIH-Brazil). It encourages those interested in presenting work on this subject, who will register at the symposium in advance.

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