The Brazilian Committee for the Conservation of Industrial Heritage (TICCIH – Brazil) was created by professionals from various training areas concerned with developing concrete actions against the destruction/deterioration of our industrial park and the countless Risks that threaten the preservation of this heritage. In all regions of the country, there are examples of industrial heritage of great historical, economic, technological and social importance, which need to be preserved.

Among the purposes of TICCIH-Brasil, we anticipate the promotion of information dissemination and knowledge about industrial heritage, through bi-annual congresses and regional meetings, guided tours, among scientific events (art. XVI). Within this strategy were conceived the regional Industrial heritage days, which occur in different regions of the country in order to promote debates, dissemination of research and dissemination actions on the industrial patrimony.

This event, promoted by TICCIH-Brasil, will contemplate conferences and presentations about industrial heritage in its different aspects (material, memory, representations, landscape, documentary). In the southeast session, the edition will take place on August 30 and 31, 2019 at the Cultural Center for inclusion and Social integration of Unicamp (CIS Guanabara) in Campinas-SP.